Have You Communicated with Animals?

In the course of working with animals, it becomes a natural outgrowth of daily activities.  This is particularly true since one becomes used to the body language of animals.  However, some animal body language like human non-verbal behaviors can be interpreted many ways.  For example, hair rising on the back of a dog can be aggression or excitement.  As with all creatures, Shakespeare and Cicero were correct.  The “eyes are the windows of the soul.”

2 thoughts on “Have You Communicated with Animals?”

  1. This blog also includes material on behavior, dietary considerations and general questions regarding the life we have with our animal companions.

  2. It’s about time that the scientific community get past the prejudice of saying everyone who communicates with nature is insane, or a new age swami-rama-ding-a-ling or into ‘the dark arts’. It is turning out the fey sort of people are correct after all and the animals are more intelligent than we supposed.

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